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CHRISTOPHER MAGYAR is an award-winning public speaker, former governor of the European division of a worldwide non-profit organization as well as former president of the American-German Business Club of Munich.  A native of New Jersey, Christopher majored in modern languages at Fordham University in New York. Following graduation, he worked for a French music publishing house in New York before entering the life insurance business where he received his certification in life underwriting.
DENISE ANNE MAGYAR Prior to coming to Germany, Denise was active in the advertising, public relations and entertainment fields both in the spotlight as well as behind the scenes. This background in meeting the needs and expectations of her respective audience, has stood her in good stead as she rose through the ranks in the non-profit sector from treasurer to  trainer and to governor of a non-profit organization's European division, overseeing 17 countries. Denise has also designed  workshops on effective presentation techniques.